This film was totally refreshing from all the big studio movies i saw recently. I was struggling to work out whether this was a documentary or mockumentary. hope someone picks it up in the U.K. It's kind of frustrating seeing such negative comments whilst knowing the movie itself is not half bad. The trailer sucks, yeah. But the movie itself was pretty aight.

I feel so sorry.


It is filled with amazing cinematography, which captures the atmosphere and sets the mood with every scene, all pleasing to the eyes. Camera work was brilliant from many angles and close ups. I hated how they took off mythbusters, this might actually be good. I read this was based on a true story and when I saw the end of this movie, I sobbed like a baby. I can't believe this horrible shit was done to the Aboriginal people. The fact that discrimination is still ongoing makes me so sick to my stomach.

Man i need to go see if i still have stock in Netflix. I watched this movie with my parents when I was, I dunno, 6 or something. I need to watch again now that I have an understanding of history. What the hell this looks ridiculous why. White rabbit truck. Directing done with a huge precision and professionally made transitions. My grandpa wrote the script🤗. R.I.P Alan Rickman AKA Professor Snape. White rabbit costume. When is this out. White rabbit ice cream. White rabbitmq. This is the saddest movie ever i almost cried. Ok that's going to be a very unproductive weekend for me.

White rabbit pizza. Tragic - it's difficult to look at the aboriginals who are still badly treated in Australia. I have been there 6 times - great country but this is their disgrace... Yo can you guys bring the boondocks back please. I already miss it. Good to see the group back together and doing what made them a household name. See. watched with my son. i said never do like this. He said boring, but this boy stupid anyway. Playing actors normal - in total 6 from 10. UGGGHHH,  not these guys again.     we had enough of them on mythbusters.  thumbs down for sure. One of the saddest little details about this movie is the warden guy at the camp who's been brainwashed into hating his own heritage.

So Top Gear is on Amazon Prime and Mythbusters is on Netflix, am I correct. White rabbit asmr. We all miss Adam. but has anyone ever missed Jamie. White rabbit chords. White rabbit youtube. KENYA LETS GOOOO 🇰🇪 🇰🇪. Never thought that with a small budget so many things can be achieved.

Love this movie. This legit gonna be the most popular science related show. Beautiful musical score - visually combined with the film makes it a joy listening to. White rabbit san francisco.





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Do you know how hard it is to write something, because the story you want to tell means so much to you? 😣 hard. When does it come out. Everybody always runs to tear others down dont they. Lauren needs to chill out on the fillers. Thanks heaps. <3. One thing I wish they would have tested on Mythbusters was if hiding under an overpass during a tornado was really a 100% bad idea. And I'm not talking about being in a car since I understand the whole wind tunnel effect, but going up where the girders are and hiding in between them because I want to know if they would act like a tailgate on a pickup that creates pockets of air for the much faster air to go right over. Which if it did then maybe people would stop generalizing hiding under an overpass as being a bad idea especially since there's a video out there where people did survive doing that and yet you still hear nothing but 'experts' saying how stupid it was. Granted, they probably couldn't test this full scale, but they could do some small scale experiments with a wind tunnel or water tank. Sorry for long post but even though I've seen many debates and theories on the subject I've never seen/found anything regarding the science actually being tested and proven.

Both are flyers and have super strength.
I was lucky enough to help with the movie and got to see it at the film festival. One of the best movies I have seen. You will laugh. And you will cry.


This movie's director: I want the most generic indie movie soundtrack ever. Hipster soundtrack guy: takes out his ukulele Say no more.