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Thank God gave us YouTube.
Rest In Peace Doddy we love and miss you always, make them all laugh up in heaven, you were simply the best, kind, funny gentle humble man. 🙏🌹 Gone but never forgotten ❤️❤️😢😢🙏.


It's so obvious that Lady Anne loved him very much, making costumes for him and being such a good sport whenever people would walk up to him to ask for an autograph. Being together for such a long time...
In pulblic a very extravangant character, in private a very private man. Still so funny.
When income tax was invented 200 years ago it was tuppence in the pound. I thought it still was.

They could have caught in burying it in his garden and the British Public would not have found him guilty 😊. Could you really imagine a jury of 12 Scousers ever finding Ken Dodd guilty? Im surprised HMRC didnt push for the trial to be located in another city!🤔😊. Ken was the original and best uk comedian. Ken Dodd. Catch Up on Ken DoddIn His Own Words and watch online, The first episode of Ken DoddIn His Own Words was broadcast in November, 2017. Did you miss an episode of Ken DoddIn His Own Words but don't you wan't that to happen in the future? Please set an alarm and add Ken DoddIn His Own Words to your favourites, so we can remind you by email when there's a new episode available to watch. For free. Directed by Liam Carroll. With Ken Dodd, Michael Billington, John Birt, Stephanie Cole. The tale of Britain's hardest working entertainer who is still touring and playing to packed houses in the year he turns 90. Featuring live performances, interviews and contributions from friends and family. Ken Dodd: In His Own Words (TV Movie 2017. Ken Dodd: In His Own Words - C5 Documentary - British, Ken DoddIn His Own Words - Channel 5, A guide to Ken Dodd: In His Own Words, the 2016 Channel 5 TV documentary about Ken Dodd. Dodd died on 11 March 2018 at his home in Knotty Ash, the same home in which he was born and raised, aged 90 after recently being hospitalised for six weeks with a chest infection. He had been touring with his stand-up stage show until 2017.

And he trashed the Inland Revenue, frickin hero. Wow! there is some stars here! shows how much he was loved! even stars we dont see much like: 18:13 - Olive from on the buses lol 0:11 - Sandra from The Liver Birds 2:05 - Mr Humphries and Mrs Slocome from Are You Being Served. Agree with him about the Morris dancers 31:40. Never laugh once at this tax dodging rodent. He was laughing at us in someway as well as all the way bank Very eccentric in the way he never spent his vast fortune. Hold my hand if your yellow black or white? Is he talking about angelina jolie or Madonna.

He was The World's Greatest Old School Comedian, Thank you for all the laughter and happiness you brought me over the years, Rest In Peace Doddy 🙏❤️🌹. Tax is an illegal fraud. one of our best hard working comedians. R.I.P. KEN YOU MADE ME LAUGH SO MUCH god bless you. Seems he was right about his fear of econmic collapse, turned out true in in 2007-2008 dint it. Rest in Peace Ken Dodd. But Sir ken did give his wealth away ! So he's thriftyness was an act he was a generous man with a kind heart who spoke to everyone poor or rich. He made so many jokes out of this and took the tax people to task. HMRC were so embarrasesed for he 1st time. 💙💙 bye jovè what a beautiful day for going up to Blackpool tower with your grannys corset over your head and saying how's this for hand gliding!😂... rip sir ken Dodd😔💔) never to be forgotten.


He is so BRILL love him. The greatest British comedian ever. Rest in peace Sir Ken.





That was great. Thanks heaps for posting it. Beatles nut and had never seen it before. Sod Dodd - trust George. 6 years later and theyre singing dont let me down on a rooftop in Savile Row. Well I never expected that I would feel sorry for him. The guy was ill. I mean mentally. At last it's SIR KEN. Rip Ken dodd. Wonderful wonderful entertainer - the only time I ever heard him say anything near a “swear word” was late at night when he sang “Happiness” changing it to “A Peni” and scratching his knee as he sang. So funny and side splitting humour. Well never hear the like again. RIP Sir. Still quick as a flash with the humour! RIP Ken.

For Free Ken Dodd: In His Own See website Ken Dodd: In His Own Words. Watch Ken Dodd: In His Online Promptfile. Brilliant  just cheered me up no end   what a funny man   must get to see him  hes still going strong. Rest In Peace Doddy always will be my hero, Thank you for all the laughter and happiness you have brought me, 🙏😢🌹. RIP Doddy. Legend. Tatty-bye, Doddy. RIP Ken Dodd. Rest in peace old buddy, see you Wednesday my amazing friend. xx Doddy Squire of Knotty Ash 1927-2018. Ken dod is a legend, it's a lovely day to shove a cucumber through a letterbox and shout, the Martians have landed misses.

Agree with him about the Morris dancers 31:40. Seems he was right about his fear of econmic collapse, turned out true in in 2007-2008 dint it. This dear old gentleman, he is 111. oh, no! he's ill. Awkward moment when Byrne asked the boys about their moms and dads.  At this point, only Harrison's parents both lived.  John had lost both, Paul - his mom, and Ringo, his father. R.I.P Ken Dodd, sadly missed but never forgotten. [Putlocker-HD] Watch! Ken Dodd: In His Own Words Movie Online Full and Free [2018. Amazing guy, a legend. i love his shows. The funniest man in the history of the world - so sadly missed. Very clever man.




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Watch Ken Dodd - In His Own Words live on the web Profile of the veteran comedian, who is still performing to packed houses at the age of 89, incorporating footage of some of his best performances alongside rare archive interviews and contributions from friends, colleagues and fellow comics. Enjoy an EXCLUSIVE 30 minute 'life in his own words' documentary by Sir Ken Dodd. Hear 100's of exclusive interviews and reviews with Alex Belfield at.