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A shark breaks into Shaq's cage to kick off Shark Week [Video] Shark Tank will meet Shark Week when the annual summer stunt happens on Discovery. Shark Week kicks off July 22, and ABC unscripted show Shark Tank mixes with Shark Week Wednesday, July 25, as. In Sundays “Shaq Does Shark Week,” the first night of that annual summerfest known as, duh, Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, the basketball icon, Hall of Famer and TNT analyst had to be. The 30th anniversary season of Discovery's "Shark Week" premieres on July 22nd. Shark Week 2018 Hallway Promo With Shaq AllYourScreens. Loading Unsubscribe from AllYourScreens. Shaq pulled from the water during Shark Week: ‘Theres a, Shaq's First-Ever Shark Encounter, Shaq Does Shark Week.

Shark Week 2018 Hallway Promo With Shaq. How to Watch Shaq Shark Week Special Online Without Cable. A bungee cord? Right! That will definitely keep a great white shark out of the cage. New on Discovery: Jackass. Tv commercial of Shark vacuum cleaner. Slogan-Get a shark. That guy almost got a shark. Dont want the guy to die but wish he got bit deep blue sea Samuel Jackson style and his body disappeared eaten whole and the crew just say - should we tighten the line next time. Man, the door being broken was just an element added to build intensity.

Yeah, right, without the need for actual scientific research, let's do something to keep the adrenaline pumping. What? We educate a few of nature's most effective predators in associating human presence with food? Oh, well... Idiocy for ratings. as much as i love sharks this is really foolish and dangerous. Shaq is so hilarious he puts a smile on my face and down to earth kinda guy God bless him. I have anxiety to this is like reee my anxiety: HSHHSHSNENISLELSKKEMEJRJRJDID GET ME OUT OF HERE NOWWW. SNUFFY LIVES. Awwww he popped that poor turtles eyes out😢. They make the shark look real good (as in realistic. The ghost cage needs to be a cylinder so it's less affected by the current and it'd be more durable. Is it wrong that I was cheering for the shark.

Shark Week meets Darwin Awards. SNUFFY. To bad that is not trump. Jackass with wild animals. and they still talk like a pity. Shaq Does Shark Week is a one-hour Shark Week special that will premiere Sunday, July 22, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel. a cable-free, live-TV streaming service. Shaq dives in for his first-ever shark encounter with Rob Riggle Shark Week 2019 starts Sunday July 28 9p! Stream Extinct or Alive: The Lost Shark on Discove, Shaq Does Shark Week TV Show: News, Videos, Full Episodes. ‘Shark Tank, Shaquille Turn Up On Discoverys Shark Week, On Sundays Shaq Does Shark Week, Discovery Channels Shark Week kicked off with Shaquille ONeal, the official host for the week, getting into the water with sharks for the first time in.

These people are idiots. “There are some pretty big sharks down there” while waving hand outside the cage. There's a lot of big sharks underwater Casually hangs his arm outside of the box. First one: Dude, this door is opened! You can escape now.





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Ahahhah assassin shark. 2:50 min The great white I never see this before. Thats beautiful. 'Shark Week' Shaquille O'Neal Flees the Water In Terror.


0:42 if my friend wore a douchey necklace like that i wouldnt help him either

I bet you in 3 months time mostly all of them fish were dead.

0:05 on the left that a assint shark new assis

Watch Shark Week Season 2018, Prime Video.

Literally every video in this countdown has been debunked

I'm always watching. Thank you for your good content. Always dive safely. I wish you a great victory. 0:27 Find out who your friends are. That was a real stupid idea to dangle over the water like a piece of bate to the sharks. You made it to 10 minutes. Well done.





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