Source. This week at Bungie, a celebration is coming to a close. Were entering the final stretch of Festival of the Lost. Eva Levante has been dishing out treats for weeks, but shes got a final trick up her sleeve. We wont spoil the fun, though. Thats for you to discover on your own. If you havent collected all of your masks or completed your Triumphs, you have until the reset on Tuesday, November 19 to fill out your collection. Momentu. I just got into this movie like an hour ago and just cannot shake it out of my are SO many layers, subtle clues that the filmmaker Bong Joon-ho managed to weave into the film that make Parasite feel such a masterpiece of filmmaking. (TBH, I just need to vent, if some are so obvious to you, don't mind me) here are a few details I noticed in the movies. Feel free to add more in if you notice something as well. 1. The opening sequence is just a masterclass of world building lesson. R.

Ive been writing about video games on the side for around two years now. Its fun, and its challenging, and the tasks and responsibilities also help enrich my love for the hobby. How cool is that? Im also Filipino, and I guess you can say our culture — especially media portrayals or themes — can be quite different. For instance, one of our biggest box office star is called “Vice Ganda,” a gay man who loves to dress in bombastic and flamboyant attires. He has “kilig” (romantic chills) mome.

The Rise of Skywalker is Bad Storytelling: Reimagining Episode IX without the Emperor. Day 6 - All of your TRoS discussions still belong here Welcome to [The Rise of Skywalker. daily discussion thread where spoilers are allowed. [Rotten Tomatoes reviews] wars_the_rise_of_skywalker) Metacritic reviews. As noted in the previous thread * ANY and ALL TROS related discussion posts need to.

Parasite's subtle touches and details. (including Heavy spoilers, duh

#PLEASE Read this OP before continuing on to the mod lists! New users run the risk of having content spoiled for them otherwise, and all users need to read the special installation instructions listed here to install the mod builds properly. Welcome. Welcome to the /r/kotor mod build thread! If you've always wanted to mod KOTOR 1 or 2 but have been hesitant- which mods are good, which are compatible? this resource is here to help. For almost a decade now I've worked with the. (Spoiler Extended) People know an ending – but not THE ending." GRRM in German news article.


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