Juan: Made by Boxing



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Influenced by his father's love for boxing, Heraldez took up the sport at 8. He made his pro debut in 2009 against Luis Tapia in Los Angeles, California and won. May 16, 2014. Subscribe to the HBO Sports YouTube: HBO Boxing Insider Kieran Mulvaney goes one on one with Juan Manuel Marquez.


The movie opens with Elton in the red winged suit, and I was like WTF have I gotten into. I have to admit it was a very clever way to tell the story. It doesn't take itself too seriously but yet I felt it tells his story in a very Elton way that works perfectly. Part musical part biopic at the same time, there are ups, there downs, it's sad, it's inspirational and funny. Juan Manuel Marquez: HBO Boxing Video News Update. Juan: made by boxing league. Juan: made by boxing team. 1st: Jumanji. Juan Heraldez – Mayweather Promotions. Juan: made by boxing club. Juan is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a USA certified boxing coach. He has been teaching jiujitsu, boxing, and fitness for the last 7 years while also maintaining an active competitive career.

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Fight to the death. I don't see him beating Lara, canelo, Andrade or both charlos. Juan: made by boxing championship. You probably think you´re clever because your grandma used to say so. Juan: made by boxing fight. Juan: made by boxing gloves. Man went down @50 and got up @38 thats 12 seconds dude! Should have been a KO in rnd 8. ALVARADO NO MATCH FOR PACMAN. Juan: made by boxing team. Even more than JMM vs Manny Pacquiao I. Inoue's left hook is like from Oscar Dela Hoya and Salvador Sanchez combined. This kid surely has a bright future. Could even be the next Manny Pacquiao on the rise hopefully he can carry his power as he goes up in weights too. I'll be watching this kid.

Rodriguez can't continue bcoz of the liver blow😍. Juan: Made by boxing. You lo que entiendo de mi raza Mexicana, lo que no ensena y lo que nos a ensenado la historia es que tenemos que tener guevos, tener valor, y a ser un ijo de la chingada totalmente. Lo el Mexicano es es una persona que su fundasiones es de una clase guerrera y si historia esta llena de conflictos y battalas y lo continua. Como dice el himno un soldado en cada ijo te dio Orgullo de ser Mexicano Y que viva Mexico Cabrones. Excellent fight by two excellent fighters. Juan: made by boxing game.

Marquez was the best counter-puncher I ever saw. Another classic... Juan: made by boxing videos. Juan: made by boxing results.


Juan manuel se merece la victoria ante Manny Pacquiao, ya le robaron las 2 primeras. Juan: made by boxing record. Juan: Made by boeing. @blitsziro all 3 are great. Marales, Barrera and Marquez. Marquez stands on top, he proved that by beating pacquiao 3 times. You said it yourself he got knocked down 4 times yet people are saying they were still close fights even when he gets knockdown 4 times. That in itself speaks volumes so dont start bad mouthing him, its not his fault everytime he fights pacquiao he has to fight not only pacquiao but also the judges and the dodgy promoter too.

What an athlete. I think he'd excel at any sport he went into. Wow quien es esa chiquita de atras? quiero que me boxee. I believe paulie has a chance this time, and then they will meet for the third time to go for a trilogy. Man, he's a natural talent. Has a knack for planting his feet correctly. As much as I rate Donaire, I believe this guy will prevail. Juan: made by boxing video.

Juan: made by boxing pants. Good fighter but i think he shouldnt fight pacquiao, hell get his ass whooped, he should fight like andre berto, now thats exciting, berto is a beast.

Juan: made by boxing league. Hats off for rodriguez and duno it's very intertaining fight... Congrats for the both of them... Nick Diaz is training with James Toney. Juan: made by boxing player. Im a filipino resoect to rodriguez. They talk about how it is a sport for the poor and they open with a brand of boxing gloves that cost hundreds of dollars. Even the regulars in the gym were using that brand. Juan: made by boxing day.

Mike Alvarado is scared to fight The TBE Manny Pacqiauo

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@fdkfskfkvmk441254741 jaja fueron 3. Juan: made by boxing tournament. But he did... I've seen it... like 4 times... but hes still no mach for Chuck Norris. Juan: made by boxing clubs. Juan: Made by boxing club. Juan: made by boxing gear. @kyudooooo good one. Juan: made by boxing club. YouTube. Juan: Made by. Juan: Made by boeing 737.

Juan: made by boxing ball. Definitely special. Wonder how heavy he can go. Juan: Made by boing boing. Juan: made by boxing machine. Yo Hammer you abused t by that guy. Good shit dog. It's lou in Orlando. Keep it up bro.



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