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The Coming New Order Of Fakes, noodlemac

Jun 21, 2019 And the introduction of 8K resolution will be an important milestone in that direction. Add sound to that and you get what is called deepfake whereby a video that looks and sounds completely real– the president speaking or an actor acting– is completely high technology fake. Deepfake.


Watch an English five-pound note be reconstructed from shredded waste, or see this film of time-lapse thunderstorms and tornadoes in 8K high-definition. (That last one is pretty scary, actually. (That last one is pretty scary, actually.
How Does 5G + AIoT Change The Smart Life Of The Future.

7680x4320 Ultra HD 8K Resolution Wallpapers - Page 1. The implementation of this scenario of 5G can release application areas that require high real-time performance, such as vehicle networking, industrial control, and telemedicine. Finally, mMTC, literally translated into the massive Internet of Things, 5G's strong connectivity can quickly promote the deep integration of vertical industries (smart cities, smart homes, environmental monitoring, etc...