THIS IS SPARTA. Our scène nationale. We lay our scene in fair verona. Our town scene. Oh my god! When Rami did the “Alright! ” At the Live Aid part, I got emotional! 😭😭😭 Freddie Mercury would be so proud! Also, did anyone else go out and buy a pair of adidas like Freddie Mercurys? 😭😂❤️🙏. Our scene united. And, where is Collin Farrell? XD. Our Scene virus-free access. Let' Look here Our Scene 1.280p' Our,Scene. Our scenes. Our scene seattle.

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. Our girl singing scene. Is this Sparta? No this is Patrick. Knives out scene.

0:47 i loveeee the way he sang that






Potter puns in 3... 2... 1. The cinematography is amazing I'll give credit to that. Some of the soundtracks the producers had used in several scenes was fitting and really sets the mood and transition of the film. Unfortunately everything else was sub par. He tried to video them and messed up and took a picture instead. The sudden change in his voice from very softly spoken to a much deeper voice when the real him emerges. Wow 😮😮😮. No this is Patrick. Feel bad for logan or whatever his real name is. The movie had one of the best track for edm. At my school I was listening to qween then someone says qween sucks the next day I got into a fight with that person.

Choose ypur words carefully. NIGGARRRR. THIS IS SPARTA! After many centuries This is America. This man is fighting in the apocalypse wearing Off-White Air Jordan 1s Chicago. Me:this is MORTAL COMBAT. Came here from Assassins Creed: Odyssey lol.




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