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As you know, the leaks for the SBS for Volume 94 are upon us, so I'm using this thread to gather everything there is to know about them. You are still free to create post about the Volume 94 SBS, only if they weren't shared before. As this thread is just to have everything in one place. Now, If I miss something or that the info isn't correct, feel free to send me a PM. If you also have better translation, then don't hesitate to share them or PM me. #Album. I am about to post the 3000 most common words in the English lexicon. Wish me luck.


[p] coronation_day_chapter_8 [f] coronation_day_chapter_1_into_the_sabbyverse [Previous] p. First] f. Chapter 9: Sybela. A/N: Good day everyone. I'd like to take a moment to explain why today's chapter art is behind a paywall. As some of you may know Akella, the creative owner of the CD universe, has taken his first steps on a quest to be. Alright degenerates, and I mean that with love. Last time I told you guys [my story] of_a_karen. people requested to hear more about my lovely friend Jenna. Jenna, as youll learn, is not a person that you want to mess with. And Id rather not piss her off. But screw it. I used pseudonyms anyways, so Ill spill the tea. Let me paint a picture of this badass: she is probably what youd picture as your average gym bae. Maybe 55”, size.

[First] up_kidnapped. Previous] up_kidnapped_6_putting_plans_into_action. Next] up_kidnapped_8_shocking_news. Woke up Kidnapped wiki] up_kidnapped) Wiki. for more stories amp#x200B; Everyone froze for a moment, Gabriel was standing.