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Ngl I was kinda disappointed this movie doesnt center around Clint and Natasha in Budapest.
My hope is that at the moment it seems all is lost, they take Mavs homesick angel off that goddam post and let her fly again.
Id be happier if this was a green lantern movie.
Is it STRANGER That Red Guardian's name is also ALEXI.

Willing to bet BIG money that that is Iceman's funeral...


Superpai (trailer HD. During a remake of the play Tristan and Isolde, actors Peter and Ana fall in love. While the characters live an idealized love, the interpreters are living a true story, which they try to spice it up with the intensity of the fiction. She's lost that loving feeling I hate when she does that. What if Marvel made an actual spy movie? Me. Amo essa Nicole ❤️😍😍😂😂.

Eu sou formada em jornalismo, então a gente somos formadores de opiniões

213 : if roof top is uplifting, the guy on the ground should also rip away




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