The Apostle Peter: Redemption



They gave it a shot, I'll give them that. But it was just dreadful. Where to begin. Everything was too clean. I mean Spic n' Span clean. The time period depicted was dirty, filthy and disgusting, but that didn't get in the way of a clean movie set. Even the Cross they crucified Jesus on was brand new from The Home Depot. The prison cells were spotless, and even had a bed for poor Peter. Even the prisoners were clean for cryin' out loud! Even with all that cleanliness, you'd hope there would be some acting that was gritty, edgy. even something that resembled acting. No my friends, there was none to be found. A sanitized script played by sanitized actors doing their best to stay clean. It's a shame really. I have a fair bit of respect for John Rhys-Davies acting abilities. I have little to none for the vast majority of today's actors, so-called) even contempt. As for the failure for this film, I blame the Director, the Script writer and the cleaning lady. (I'll be surprised if they recoup the 2.7 mil budget.

Pedro: a Redença.o.h. Pedro a redenção. Pedro: a Redençà l'article. Pedro: a Redençà l'étranger.


Pedro: a Redençà l'accueil. Pedro: a Redençà outils. Pedro: a Redençà l'arc.