Dear Bipin Chandran and Shibin Francis,
I really liked the story that you guys came up with. The lives of two alcoholics (Prithviraj as Pambu Joy and Anoop Menon as Pavada Babu) are placed parallel to each other. They intersect when they are both locked up in a de-addiction center. Their escape and life together were interesting. Then there is a conflict when Joy discovers that Babu is the producer of a soft porn film which destroyed his mothers life. The rest of the film is about the resolution of this conflict. Nice Imagination! The possibilities were endless.
However, the film was quite populist in its use of loud background score, double meaning jokes and references to older Malayalam movie dialogs and actors. I wish you guys had been more discreet while working on the screenplay. I was not bored during the first half which was loud and breezy. But the second half became too weepy. It would have turned out better in the hands of a classier director like Aashiq Abu or someone.
There were issues with casting as well. Anoop Menon was awful as the older alcoholic. The role would have been perfect for Mohanlal. I was never a big fan of Prithviraj. Chemban Vinod Jose turns in another effortlessly good performance.
Anyway, thanks for writing a movie with an alcoholic protagonist. I appreciate such films because I am a drinker myself. But next time, send your script to a good director.
Best Regards, Pimpin.