Aghhhhh I havent seen this movie yet Im so excited. I have so much to look forward to since About time is my fav.

Where's the ' Take My Money' option

Im Bond. James Bond Ethan Hunt: Am i a joke to you. Pathetic. Esau is being made bare.


Though Im single and bitter Lol! This is going to be beautiful.

Adam Sandler's Click with less comedy

Hey doc, we better back up. we don't have enough road to get up to 88. roads. where we're going, we don't need roads. Daniel Craig: no more James Bond movies Universal: here your 100 mln DC: where to sign. Woman: Stay in your lane B*tch, it's James Bond. The whole movie is his lane. Avengers: Have a funeral for stark Black widows soul: Am I a joke to you.

Wow this and Stranger Things 3 trailers today

Leo and Brad together in one movie I'm in. Aldo el Apache, Jack Dawson and Harley Quinn Together. Sophie Turner looks like Sansa Stark of GOT. Im confused and amused at the same time lmao. Anybody accidentally kill anyone in a fight they're going to jail, its called manslaughter 😂😂😂. This year, Christmas lists have a new hit item. Minigun headlights. It's embarrassing how many people i see in the comments talking about this movie holding back their religious movement when clearly the feds are portrayed as the bad guys for trying to corrupt the organization. just because there are a couple jokes made at your expense doesn't mean the movie overall is out to destroy you. it's rare to see bigger movies like this have such a bold, moralistic message and to say otherwise is genuinely harmful.

Me at the beginning of august: I'm not watching any movies that come out this month or next month Me (now) I'm breaking a law MOM PREORDER TICKETS FOR THIS. I never thought I would see this in my lifetime.