Svend Ploug Johansen Time Jumpers


I can't wait to not see this movie. Was this a click bait. There's a movie called time freak that has a similar plot that also came back this it looks better. Whats the trailer song called? Ive been trying to find it everywhere. Damn, asa needs work out... Lol. I would choose the exact opposite. Travel back in time - see my ex and be like eerrrm nope! Byyyyyeeeeee. Was actually good, I liked this. Like si sabes español😆😆😆. Needs more cowbell. oh, and real actors/actresses. 00:13 he said it all : Why do i need to go back in time if im like that. Time travelling? What an original idea! It must be of american origin. Looks like Ando got tired of Hiro Nakamura and found himself another time-travelling friend.

Love this movie omg. need part 2. Stay with me here in this perfectly imperfect moment is a nauseatingly pseudo-romantic, tween bullshit line. You watch the first story and then you are taken to another story, with different times, different places and different stories, and then other stories with different story settings, without you knowing you have passed the time jumper. I can't name one movie Asa Buttetfield has been in that wasn't absolutely astounding. It looks like the quality of a hallmark movie.

I don't know what the writer was drinking or smoking but he should lay off the stuff, at first it seemed like a good sifi movie then it descended into a total farce, with nothing that related to the start of the film, I don't know what they were trying to d but they obviously failed, total con job, but ok if you have ten mins or so to waste. Every time travel movie ever leaves out winning the Powerball, literally first thing I'd do.





I can't find this movie anywhere


1:24 he sure wanted to go to McDonald's. The REAL Captain Marvel. “But its a time machine movie” •me trying to convince myself to see this•.




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