Disgusting! I wish that nobody goes through that ever again. The fall of roger ailes. Lmao very rich from Vice which has become leftist propaganda. In the book of Matthew 8:19 a scribe (a news reporter) asks Jesus that if he could follow (string along with) Jesus wherever Jesus answers that Journalist, foxes have holes meaning, cunning men have locations ( Jeremiah 36:12 ) that the fox ( Herod) demands his clever ones whom Herod sends out to see if one of his heroodians can catch Jesus in his words Mark 12:13 who says in respond to the media, birds of the air have nests meaning news reporters of the news have chambers where they can go and sit down then congregate about what to write with these false pens after going to all the places i've gone to lodge.

I had wanted Fox News since I was very young, only just a year or two ago did I realize how brainwashed I was. Hi angry Fox loosers, your hero is dead. lmao. Thank you Vice! The man was a pig! He was an ultra right wing lecherous pig. Why does someone dying make people think they can't malign the dead. He's certainly no angel on earth or in heaven! Jenn.

[Arts. Critics Pick: ‘Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes Review: Portrait of a News Exec.
Divide And Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes.
As the powerhouse behind Fox News, Roger Ailes changed the course of US politics and discourse as much as Hearst or Pulitzer affected their times. Ailes was a key force in electing several Republican presidents, including Donald Trump, with consequences felt around the world. Before #MeToo was a mass movement, Ailes was among the first media giants to be toppled by accusations of sexual harassment. This career-spanning documentary is vital to understanding the power broker who will be studied fo.

The story of god and his people. Omg! What are those things on the side of her head. How many more millions of dollars is Fox News gonna pay for Bill Oreillys sexual harassment claims before they fire him. Will and ariel durant the story of civilization. The story of raggedy ann and andy. Nations of Fire Emblem #5: Kingdom of Talys. [Entertainment. Review: The rise of Fox News is told through the man who made it happen in 'Divide and Conquer: The Roger Ailes Story. Look interesting. Seems like Crowe has taken a page out of Bale's playbook. As more people see this great documentary, the rating will most certainly go up and be closer to the excellent critical reviews this doc has received. If you want to know the genisis for our currently polarized country, it all begins with one man - Roger Ailes. We went from simply disagreeing with each other on political matters to hating each other simply because we have a difference of opinion. This doc shows how Ailes basically created the landscape for the horrible condition of our current political discourse. The doc also shows how Ailes treated women like property he could use and abuse and discard at will. A must-see documentary if there ever was one.


We report. you decide. Fair and balanced : D. Divide and conquer: the story of roger ailes trailer. Said they were doing new then when when fox they had to do propaganda for fox, like they were doing news before. not i dont think so. Divide And Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes - Trailer (2018. How a Filmmaker Documented Corrupt Power in 'Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes.




FoKKKs News and Ann Coulter are both just horrible. You guys should do an expose on MSNBC.  To be clear I am a democrat but I trust your journalistic integrity to speak the truth and out of curiosity would like to see where they stack up on the scale. What a great documentary. 3 thumbs up. If the man wasn't deceased, I think this would never come out. But it did and in 2022 the movie will come out starring. I almost choked when they accused John Kerry of 'scaring old people. Fox News seems to EXIST to scare old people... If he didnt look like Alford Hitchcock and lookd like George Clooney 🤔🤭.

Summer School. That's a man, baby. Don't trust any news media whatsoever.  Here's a book to read- Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How The Media Distort The News by Bernard Goldberg What is a fox? A sneaky vicious animal that preys on chickens.

Omg! What are those things on the side of her head

Hopefully charlize still has the costume from monster hahaha nah im jk, the other gal is pretty, too. America, land of the free! Free to eat junk food. Free to be in debt. Free to work for McDonalds. Free to be told what to do. Free to pay a bail out for corporations. Free to shut up and consume. and watch Fox News. Why does she keep specifying that the media is a propaganda arm of the democratic party? This applies across the spectrum. FOX is nothing but the advertising wing of the republican party. Same goes for much of talk radio (Limbaugh, etc.) In fact, the same can be said for most internet news sources and self-appointed pundits. They all have a bias and they will all choke on their own tongues before saying anything positive about the opposing party. There are very few truthful and neutral news sources no matter where you look.

Over ten years old and this documentary still holds up. All that's changed is that CNN & MSNBC have become FOX. She looks crazy this lady her head moves 360 420 will be better. I have never seen a american eagle in metro detroit never. Fox News is like the only right wing MSM outlet, right? I don't watch it, but I don't think it's for the best to have all the MSM networks biased in one way. Women do not deserve a voice, unless they're willing to fight for it! Chris Villegas.

Should we have sympathy for enemies of democracy like Roger Ailes? I say. NO.





Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes (2018. Rotten.
Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes, Where to.
Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes deftly fuses the personal, the political and the just plain surreal as it charts the rise and fall of Fox News Chairman, Roger Ailes.

Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes.

How 'RBG' and 'Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes