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Director: RDJ do u want to be Dolittle? RDJ: Sure, but Im bringing Tom Holland with me.


80% RDJ + 20% Jack Sparrow = Dolittle

May i know this title song? Thanks you. Tony stark Freddie Mercury Mavis John cena And Spider man All in one movie. I actually cried watched this trailer because what i see tony stark last moment. n i missed him alot. These comments are just a goldmine for r/marvel cringe.

And I think to My self What a wonderful World

Nobody: Not a single damn soul: Universal: Who wants to see a gritty reboot of Doctor Dolittle. Why in most animal movies a tiger gotta be the bad guy.




Super Hornet: Pulls Pugachev's Cobra Sukhoi Su-57: Excuse me, what the blyat.


After he fell from the cliff with moriarty, he typed the letter ? in watson's novel about their adventures, and then he left to become an animal doctor known as dr doolitle. The fact that they still use the song I like me better Yasssssss. Wtf was the plot. Wasn't he holden in liv and maddie.


I could watch this trailer 50 more times and itll never get old. Me: I want to see good CGI Animals Universal: Releases Cats Trailer* Me: I said GOOD CGI Animals Universal: Releases Dolittle Trailer* Me: Perfection. - How much CGI do you want sir. YES. That oh yay yay yay. Howd they get his voice like that. Goose! You big stud! Take me to bed or lose me forever. My focus during entire trailer is on music. This just made me cry. Because it has tony stark. The trailer is so good 😍😍😍😍. This is nothing like Dr. Dolittle i watched when i was a kid 😂. I Feel the need,the need for SPEEED. Peter Kavinsky: Mr. Steal your Heart. John Ambrose: Mr. Steal your girl. Girl: Are you Dr. Dolittle? Downey: I am Iron Man. Are you dr Dolittle? I'm a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude. Shout out to Netflix for finally releasing a trailer that doesn't show the entire film.





Palpatine returning makes Snoke an even more pointless character with no payoff. The John from the books is so different from the movies ! Book Fandom anyone. Me and a couple friends saw this trailer in theatres for Knives Out after wed already seen the movie and we all got choked up. Such a great trailer to see in theatres. Good people will fight if we need them. Writing-101. Hehe... Love this movie.

Wait I don't even know a Samantha Olaf, 2019

Wah so Long nver watch this song Liao forgot the lyrics lel. And I think to My self What a wonderful World. Tower: Hey Maverick Mav: Yeah? Tower: Advertising is based on one thing.

I'm on my way to the Theater's now can't wait

Are you Dr. Dolittle Eddie Murphy: Yes I am- RDJ: pushes Murphy yes I am.




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