In Their Shoes: Jim Brozina







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Hugh Jackman for President 2020

My friend Caryn Bladt is a teacher at the Detroit BuildOn and it's inspiring to see the passionate founder speak of the program. I'm so proud of you Jim, buildOn is my second family in many aspects. Could be good. I remember SNL's faux commercial: Gary Hart: You Can't Get Him Out of Your Mind and to this day it makes me laugh to think about it. I just checked boxoffice mojo and after being out in theaters for a week this movie has made eighty one thousand dollars to date. That is freaking pathetic! Molly Ephraim should have stayed with Last Man Standing and Jackman should have his head checked for doing this movie. It's a good think that Kaityn Dever is still working part time on Last Man Standing.

I need a musical number too lol I love Hugh. Im annoyed of politics but what makes me interested in this is that Kaitlyn Dever and Molly Ephraim is in this. Imagine how pissed Gary Hart must've been when Bill Clinton became President. He had a ton more baggage than Hart did. Though the concept of the movie is quite exciting you have to wonder if Hugh Jackman was the right choice to play the real Gary Hart seemed far more dashing than him.

Lmaaaoooo. Valeros... they be getting tested daily

Did the director use an older type of film. One reason why Hillary didn't win the elections is. a cheating president, so in order for the mass public (including non-Americans) to support anyone affiliated with her, is the need to sympathize with someone that went through the same. Hate lobby films. Just hate them. Imagine. Amazing. I want to be a part of this. Yep, looks just as bad as the critics are saying. Wow this has classic written all over it. And the music. RIP Curtis Hanson.