Cameraperson (2016) begins with a collection of short segments, which may leave you wondering why you are watching this footage. Since it was my first experience with Kirsten Johnson's work, if I'd seen her documentaries earlier, I might have appreciated them more. However some segments (or possibly all? will have follow-up segments later.
The film is a memoir and certain parts are personal, which I cannot say I was able to establish connections with, but she also touches upon the creative process of documentary filmmaking. Such segments marked a turning point in my viewing experience and made me see the segments in her film in a different light.
Just as I did, watching this film as the very first film by Kirsten Johnson might be similar to watching Andrei Tarkovsky's "The Mirror/Zerkalo" 1975) before any of his other work. I wouldn't recommend it, but if you see her other work later and like them, it may worth watching this film again.

Cameraperson is now streaming on Netflix. Cameraperson Critics Consensus. Fresh and inventive yet immediately accessible, Cameraperson distills its subject's life and career into an experience that should prove immediately absorbing even. Watch Cameraperson, Prime Video. Cameraperson - full movie.





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Help I am a nurse, but not a Digital Camera person. How to record a video without showing the camera/person through the reflection of a mirror. Cameraperson showtimes. Cameraperson imdb. Cameraperson full movie. Cameraperson salary. This article is about the film. For the occupation, see Camera operator. Cameraperson Directed by Kirsten Johnson Produced by Kirsten Johnson Marilyn Ness Written by Doris Baizley Lisa Freedman Starring Kirsten Johnson Music by Wellington Bowler Carla Kihlstedt Dino Rešidbegović Cinematography Kirsten Johnson Edited by Nels Bangerter David Teague (consulting editor) Production companies Big Mouth Productions Fork Films Distributed by Janus Films Release date 26 January 2016 ( Sundance) 9 September 2016 (United States) Running time 102 minutes Country United States Language English Box office $102, 033 [1] Cameraperson is a 2016 autobiographical collage documentary film. The film is an account by director Kirsten Johnson about her life and career as a cinematographer. It relies on footage shot by Johnson across the years in numerous different countries. Cameraperson premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to critical acclaim and won the top prize at the Sheffield Doc/Fest. [2] Reception [ edit] Cameraperson currently holds a 99% "Certified Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 88 reviews, with an average score of 8. 4/10; the site's consensus reads: "Fresh and inventive yet immediately accessible, Cameraperson distills its subject's life and career into an experience that should prove immediately absorbing even for those unfamiliar with her work. " [3] On Metacritic, the film holds a weighted average score of 86, indicating "Universal Acclaim". [4] Awards and nominations [ edit] As of January 2017, Cameraperson has won 23 international awards, including the following: Award Date of Ceremony Category Recipients and Nominees Result Boston Online Film Critics Association December 10, 2016 Best Documentary Cameraperson Won Best Editing Nels Bangerter Boston Society of Film Critics December 11, 2016 Camden International Film Festival September 18, 2016 Best Documentary Feature Kirsten Johnson Camerimage November 19, 2016 Best Feature Documentary Film Nominated Central Ohio Film Critics Association Chicago Film Critics Association December 15, 2016 Cinema Eye Honors Awards, US January 11, 2017 The Unforgettables Outstanding Achievement in Nonfiction Feature Filmmaking Marilyn Ness Outstanding Achievement in Direction Outstanding Achievement in Editing Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography Critics Choice Documentary Awards November 3, 2016 Most Compelling Living Subject of a Documentary Best Director (Theatrical Feature) Most Innovative Documentary DOXA Documentary Film Festival May 15, 2016 Feature Documentary Award Florida Film Critics Circle December 23, 2016 Gotham Awards November 28, 2016 Independent Spirit Awards February 27, 2016 IndieWire Critics Poll December 19, 2016 Runner-up 4th Place Best Cinematography 9th Place Best First Feature 10th Place International Documentary Association December 9, 2016 Best Feature Montclair Film Festival May 8, 2016 Bruce Sinofsky Prize for Documentary Feature National Board of Review November 29, 2016 Freedom of Expression Award Online Film Critics Society January 3, 2017 Best Documentary Film RiverRun International Film Festival April 17, 2016 Special Jury Prize - Documentary Feature San Francisco Film Critics Circle San Francisco International Film Festival May 5, 2016 Sarasota Film Festival April 9, 2016 Jury Prize - Best Documentary Feature Seattle Film Critics Association Sheffield Doc/Fest June 19, 2016 Grand Jury Award Toronto Film Critics Association Traverse City Film Festival July 31, 2016 Founders Prize - Best US Documentary Utah Film Critics Association December 18, 2016 Vancouver Film Critics Circle December 20, 2016 Zurich Film Festival September 25, 2016 Best International Documentary Film Home media [ edit] As it was distributed by Janus Films, Cameraperson was released by Criterion on February 7th, 2017 on Blu-ray and DVD. [5] References [ edit] External links [ edit] Official website Cameraperson at AllMovie Cameraperson at Metacritic Cameraperson at Box Office Mojo Cameraperson at Rotten Tomatoes Cameraperson on IMDb Cameraperson: Getting Close an essay by Michael Almereyda at the Criterion Collection.

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