Utc time 16:000-18:00 or whatever I am probably wrong, but am an ignorant American so I cannot be blamed Number of players 4-5(possibly 6) Duration 4hrs. with at least 1 break) Possibly a two part adventure depending on how things are handled and everyone's availability Location Seattle Experience. my first time gming shadowrun. So it would be nice if you had a grasp on your individual rules. 5th edition, all books. If it isn't in core book, please have page numbers for some things so we.

Greetings! Our small, but active free company is searching for a final member to round out our raid static group. Are you a ninja? Can you pound out 1000+ DPS? While severely inebriated? Well, you might enjoy our merry band of adventurers. FC membership is not required, but would be encouraged. Raid nights are dependent on RL schedules, but we are flexible. If you are interested contact Balmung Whiteblade/Taro Kaji or submit an application to Grunty's Revenge. Keys of Twilight not included. Everything in title. I'm sick of websites, and guilds that insist on carrying out job interviews. We're a core group of friends, that have been playing since beta (and gw1! and are interested in looking for a friendly active guild. character name: whiteblade mazul.