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@liona5 Indd! Een nadeel van The Tudors is dat ze niet hebben laten zien van toen ze gelukkig getrouwd waren, dus pre Boleyn. Thanks voor je reactie :D. You all I am a historian and I know this will not be incredibly accurate but at least we can enjoy the series! I personally do, absolutely love the cast. You fans of Caterina might already know this, but Phillipa Gregory wrote a novel about her too: The Constant Princess. Maybe someday she will finally be the centerpiece of a film as well. I agree that Katherine Howard was, in her short time, more successful as a Queen. She did sort of help people keep their heads (though she did lose hers quite speedily) and was the first of Henry's wives to properly extend the hand of friendship to Elizabeth (obviously excluding Anne B. She also treated Anne of Cleves with much more kindness than Anne Boleyn ever treated Catherine of Aragon or Mary I. She was not so influential on the course of nevertheless, I think, a good Queen.

And yes, historically Anne Boleyn did get the short end of the stick. Why romanticize every wedding that ever happened in the history. I'm Henry 8th like if you want to get head choped off. This movie displays Anne wrongly. This movie is a fucking fail. Anne was epic :O so stfu.


This woman should be canonized a saint, she is one of the greatest women who ever lived, I don't care what people say about Anne Boleyn, Anne was nothing compared to Catherine. HOw was she to know refusing him would make hi want her more. He could have just moved on to someone else. Ok, seriously. how naive are you? Anyway, let's just agree to disagree. Neither of us was there at the time, so how are we to know for sure what happened, right? So, let's just leave it at that. Long live queen Katherine. When you realize that this show is about Henry the VIII 🤯🤯🤯.







Estoy tan emocionada❤❤❤❤❤. I like Claire Ridgeway, she's a great historian, who paints Anne in a different light. Merci madame baude. Elizabeth II. Wow,I felt her pain at the door when she that moment she knew.😨. My name's Catherine of Aragon, was married twenty-four years I'm a paragon Of royalty,my loyalty is to the Vatican, So if you try to dump me You won't try that again #SixtheMusical fans.

So were the spanish queens. 1:21 D R O P P E D. Queen Isabella of Castilla was blonde with blue eyes, he looked like her Lancaster grandmother. After watching the tudors I can't imagine henry only as Jonathan. Wow she was a true queen. @TheBumbleBunny Very true. As Elizabeth Boleyn, née Howard, said in the film: Treason? What is treason? Anything the King or his lawyers decide it to be, on a whim. And everyone is free to misunderstand history, like you. It's not my fault you don't like being called out on not knowing what you're talking about. Have a lovely day.

Is it really that difficult to tell History right. 1:13 in the reign was a Sofia, there's a Lucia 😂😂 i can't help but i am crying right now. it is so funny. One thing is sure: Henry is in hell.




Sep 11, 2019 Rarely has an English queen consort's virginity been of quite such public importance. Henry VIII's first wife, Catherine of Aragon, was famously. Henry VIII's first wife, Catherine of Aragon, in spotlight in new show. Secrets of the Six Wives, PBS.





7 January 1536 - Death of Catherine of Aragon, first wife of. Catherine of Aragon first wife of Henry VIII. Katherine of Aragon: First Wife of Henry VIII July 16, 2017 by Rebecca Larson 5 Comments When we think of Henry VIII we often think of his sixth wives - the end of his first marriage was quite controversial and took many years to 's the marriage we are looking at today. Henry VIII's first wife was Catherine of Aragon, daughter of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain. Eight years before her marriage to Henry in 1509, Catherine was in fact married to Henry's older brother, Arthur, who died of sickness at just 15 years old.