Cartel Land



This is not really a story. Just a collage of emotional footage. There is no reason. The the structure is not very clear anyway. To make things worse, the producers are doing their best of white washing the racist gangs North of the border. The ridicule of the wall is missed. The fact that the State is building up all this situation on both sides of the border is ignored. As they gloss over the fact that the worst gangs are State owned: a vast assortment of police and military forces. And the blame is put on the dirt poor peasants trying to make a living or simply trying to survive. And why are all these people so violent? I mean people far away from the traffic areas are quite peaceful while being almost identical genetically with these people. Who cares? The devil. After all all seem to be high on religion and low on education.
And all that and many other previous wars simply for some old white men to draw a colored line on a map. But that is way over the head of the producers. Long live yellow journalism!
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This looks intense.


Cartel Land.


America needs to learn from this. Official website. When does this come out. I need to see this movie. Did Nailler ever caught any drug scouts. There's NO similiraties between Nailer and the Doctor, Dr. Mireles is an educated man with Charisma and a leader, Neiller is just a Drop out and outcast angry because he can't get a job, Autodefensas are living between bullets, Nailler is only Talking bullets and just talk over the radio and playing soldier (was he even in the military. Can' get something for nothing. You can get it on NetFlix... The autodefensas ended up being just as bad as the cartels, the scene where they're torturing people to get them to talk and threatning to kill them, even though they are not sure if they with the cartels is the perfect example.

Se escuchara raro pero chequen la historia de mexico desde los aztecas siempre a sido sangre decapitaciones sacrificios todo el tiempo asi es mexico aunque la violencia con armas es a grande escala logicamente es mas notable y si los malos goviernos el estupido de peña nieto y la ignorancia en la gente tambien tiene que ver en todo eso amo mexico aya esta mi familia y aunque eh andado en malos pasos y cosas asi no pienso regresar para aya solo voy de visita.






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