Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  2016 American superhero film by Zack Snyder Upload media   Wikipedia   Wikiquote Instance of 3D film, film Main subject terrorism, alien invasion Genre fictional crossover superhero film action film science fiction film Country of origin United States of America Composer Hans Zimmer Junkie XL Screenwriter Chris Terrio David S. Goyer Producer Charles Roven Deborah Snyder Performer Hans Zimmer Director Zack Snyder Cast member Ben Affleck (Batman) Henry Cavill (Superman) Jesse Eisenberg ( Lex Luthor) Amy Adams ( Lois Lane) Diane Lane (Martha Kent) Laurence Fishburne (Perry White) Jeremy Irons (Alfred Pennyworth) Holly Hunter (June Finch) Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) Kevin Costner (Jonathan Kent) Scoot McNairy Callan Mulvey (KGBeast) Ray Fisher (Cyborg) Jason Momoa (Aquaman) Jena Malone (Jenet Klyburn) Ezra Miller (Barry Allen) Bailey Chase Michael Cassidy (Jimmy Olsen) Harry Lennix (Calvin Swanwick) Dan Amboyer Nicole Forester Sammi Rotibi Patrick Wilson Michael Shannon (General Zod) Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Thomas Wayne) Joe Morton (Silas Stone) Carla Gugino Jon Stewart ( Jon Stewart) Lauren Cohan (Martha Wayne) Tao Okamoto Publication date 24 March 2016 (United States of America) 24 March 2016 (Germany) 25 March 2016 (United States of America) 23 March 2016 (Sweden, France) Part of the series DC Extended Universe (2, Man of Steel, Suicide Squad) Batman in film ( The Dark Knight Rises, The LEGO Batman Movie) Superman in film ( Man of Steel, Justice League) Duration 185 min Cost 250, 000, 000 United States dollar official website Authority control   Q14772351 VIAF ID: 53146332846018730650 IMDb ID: tt2975590 Reasonator PetScan Scholia Statistics Search depicted Subcategories This category has only the following subcategory. P ► Panel discussions of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ‎ (2 C) Media in category "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" The following 17 files are in this category, out of 17 total. Atatürk Havalimanında Türk Hava Yolları Boeing 777 Batman Süpermen'e karşı 1, 280 × 853; 706 KB Batman v Superman costumes SDCC 6, 000 × 4, 000; 6. 29 MB Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice - Batman heavy 5, 184 × 3, 456; 6. 04 MB Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice - 3, 456 × 5, 184; 7. 03 MB 3, 456 × 5, 184; 6. 42 MB Batman v Superman- Úsvit spravedlnosti v Imaxu v Praze (01) 1, 872 × 3, 328; 1. 56 MB Batman v Superman- Úsvit spravedlnosti v Imaxu v Praze (02) 2, 448 × 3, 264; 1. 99 MB Batman v Superman- Úsvit spravedlnosti v Imaxu v Praze (03) 3, 264 × 2, 448; 1. 78 MB Batman v Superman- Úsvit spravedlnosti v Imaxu v Praze (04) 3, 264 × 2, 448; 1. 96 MB Batman v Superman- Úsvit spravedlnosti v Imaxu v Praze (05) 3, 264 × 2, 448; 2. 5 MB Batman v Superman- Úsvit spravedlnosti v Imaxu v Praze (06) (cropped) 2, 098 × 2, 806; 1. 84 MB Batman v Superman- Úsvit spravedlnosti v Imaxu v Praze (06) 2, 448 × 3, 264; 2. 43 MB Batman vs Superman (24907768243) 1, 600 × 1, 111; 449 KB Batmobile Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Warner Bros. Studios Burbank 4, 928 × 3, 264; 8. 32 MB Cartelera BvS Unicentro Cú 3, 264 × 2, 448; 2. 35 MB TC-JJN 06032016LHR (25040316163) 2, 704 × 1, 805; 2. 37 MB TC-JJN 06032016LHR (25548309322) 2, 579 × 1, 720; 1. 98 MB.

This scene legitimately scared me, at the age of 15. Well done, I loved every part of this scene. This suit and this fighting style are what was really lacking in the Baleman movies.

Breathe in. That's fear. you're not brave. Men are brave. I love this trailer more than the movie. 1:29 - We'll never forget. Thanks, Ben.


It's still hard to understand why this masterpiece of a movie was so harshly critiqued. The deliberate darker tone works to perfection here and went vastly unappreciated (perhaps when unfairly compared to the MCUs more comedic approach. Hopefully Snyder, Affleck, Cavill and this movie get the love they deserve for this in times to come. WB studio interference has a lot to answer for. 6, 830 customer reviews There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. August 22, 2016 Format: Blu-ray Verified Purchase The extended cut version is a far superior movie over the theatrical version we all saw in the theaters. THIS one makes more sense and the story line flows much better. Excellent special features! January 2, 2018 Format: Blu-ray Verified Purchase One of my favorite comic book movies, I really could never understand all the negativity surrounding this film. I love Snyder's vision, and the film itself is just awesome (okay, the Martha thing was a little forced). Ben Affleck's Batman is so badass in this film. I think one day this film will be appreciated like Blade Runner is today (which took years to get it's props). I love nearly everything about this movie. I can't help but recommend it. August 28, 2016 Format: Blu-ray Verified Purchase I wish they would've shown this version in the theater. I would've liked it so much better. I bought this only because I heard that the scenes they put in this movie tell a better story. The one in the movie released did NOT do it justice. Many of the scenes explain certain reasons why events happened the way they did. This was so enjoyable to watch. My son hates Superman, but I like him. He didn't like the Man of Steel. But, he liked this movie. He feels the same as I do that with this new version, it made so much sense. I highly recommend this. I only hope this is NOT the new trend of movie releases. Studios should let the Director release the movie as intended and NOT with some new version just because the Studios didn't let them release what they wanted. December 11, 2018 Format: Blu-ray Verified Purchase There's a lot to like about this film. I know there was a lot of initial skepticism about Ben Affleck's portrayal of Batman. Let me assuage those fears; the guy kills it. He's got the right demeanor, he plays the mask of the bumbling billionaire well, and the physically imposing guy in the batsuit who wins at all costs even better. Henry Cavil continues to crush it as Superman. Gal Gadot is a revelation as Wonder Woman. There's a degree of realism she brings to her action roles because she is a legitimate bad ass, having served in the IDF and knowing her way around weapons and hand to hand combat in a way few other female stars do. The supporting cast also is amazing from Jeremy Irons to Amy Adams to Diane Lane. You may or may not like Jesse Eisenberg's take on Lex Luthor, but I didn't find it nearly as distracting as some. No, the issue here is that a great cast unfortunately does not make a great film. The script unfortunately plays like an attempt at mixing The Death of Superman with The Dark Knight Returns and its an epic fail. If I hadn't been reading comics for the past three decades maybe I'd be gloriously ignorant of this, and love the film, but that's not the case. TDKR is one of the three best graphic novels of all time, and my personal favorite. It redefined what the genre could be, and to me is one of my favorite novels of all time (not comics; novels). One day maybe we'll get a true telling of that tale akin to the way Watchmen and Sin City were done. This instead takes select elements from that tale and weaves them into another story, even going so far as to steal some of the dialog. The problem is that without the back story of TDKR its hollow, and lacking depth. When Batman and Superman fight in TDKR its been building up for decades. Its a clash of ideology, and showcases the marked differences between an all powerful being who's in effect become a stooge and a mere mortal, older and more human than ever before who still refuses to compromise his code. Its really deep, powerful stuff, and what we get in this film just lacks 95% of that. I applaud the lack of an origin story for the new Batman (I think we all know his parents were murdered and he took it as his personal mission to end crime using his immense wealth, intelligence, and physical prowess). Its refreshing to see an older Batman, seasoned, wizened, and less idealistic. However there's just too much Zack Snyder in this to make it fully palatable. Too much put into the giant fight scene at the end, full of explosions, and 360 degree camera pans. I've really liked some of his earlier work, but he's become formulaic and its now like watching the Michael Bay of the comic genre. Thus far its seems Sucker Punch was his best effort (I sincerely hope you prove me wrong Zack). All in, there are worse ways to spend the time it takes to watch this film. Like I said, its not bad; its just not great, and it could have been so much more. March 26, 2019 Format: Blu-ray Verified Purchase This may be the worst superhero movie of all time. Ben Affleck’s Batman is an awful caricature of Frank Miller’s dark, uber-brooding, ultra intense Batman. And since when does Batman drink (getting wasted and being possibly the most disciplined human on the planet do not go hand in hand), kill, and use guns?!?! A core aspect of the Batman character is his abhorrence of guns and murder b/c of what happened to his parents. His vow not to use firearms and not to kill is as strong if not stronger than his vow to be Batman and protect the innocent. As Batman has said many times “It’s what separates us from them (villains). ” Amy Adams was an uninspired Lois Lane, and Lex Luthor was a cheap imitation of Heath Ledgar’s unhinged Joker. The soundtrack sounds like it was pilfered from some cheesey B movie. Oh, and Doomsday gets the Venom Spider Man 3 treatment and is crammed in at the end with very little role to play other than a drawn out, poorly shot, strangely lit action sequence. And the infamous “Martha” scene; I’m not even going there. Only bright star was Wonder Woman, but my goodness, how do you screw up a Batman movie this bad?? This made Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds look like Oscar caliber. It’s worse that Zack Snyder has defended this abomination instead of just manning up and saying “My bad. Took some risks that didn’t work out. ” Avoid this movie. As a life long Batman fan, this representation of the character hurts my soul September 23, 2016 Format: Blu-ray Verified Purchase I don't agree with the movie critics at all on this movie. I enjoyed this movie thoroughly. I felt that Ben Affleck's Batman by far was the best part of the movie. I was pleasantly surprised he did a great job portraying Batman. Jeremy Irons was a perfect Alfred. I wish they would have had a little more screen time for Wonder Woman. I do agree Jesse Eisenburg's portrayal of Lex Luther was just not that good and actually a little irritating. I also feel that the they dropped the ball on Doomsday. The character looked ridiculous. I would have had him a little more daunting like they do in the comic books. The idea of him being a completely mindless pawn of Lex Luthor was terrible. But overall the superhero team of the Ben Affleck Batman, Henry Cavill Superman and Gal Gadot Wonder Woman was spot on. All three do a great job playing those iconic characters. There are 6, 830 customer reviews and 7, 455 customer ratings.

Wann kommt der Film rauß januar Februar. I went in for a showing tonight of this movie as a huge Batman fan. I always thought Ben Affleck would be an amazing batman and I feel now after seeing the movie that I was right to think that. Henry Cavill was awesome again as superman and Gal Gadot had an amazing Wonder Woman entrance.
My first and only issue with this is the editing. It felt like parts of some scenes were missing. We would be thrust half way into a scene and our minds would have to play catch up from there. But that really isn't hard as long as you pay attention to the movie. That is my only negative criticism of this movie.
Batman was absolutely amazing. He is very different then a lot of the Batman's of the past but in a good way. Some of the questionable things he does in the movie can be backed by trying to see what he is going through through his eyes. He has been through a lot and is an extremely weathered version of Batman. His scenes are defiantly the best in the movie and there are a ton of them.
Superman was fleshed out more in this movie. Not only did we get to see a more human side of him, we got to see his life when he isn't being superman. He has an extremely big part at the end of the movie which I'm surprised they went with but it helps set up the Justice League movies.
Diana has a few scenes before Wonder Woman kind of shows up all of the sudden in a huge way and really saves the day. It is really amazing the way they used her and it got me excited to see her standalone movie.
Every other character (Lex, Perry, Martha Kent, Doomsday, Alfred) all were really good. I kind of feel like there was so much going on that I didn't get to see as much Alfred as I wanted to. But here's hoping for a stand alone Batman movie!
Story and editing:
My thought on the story is that they tried to take 4 different comic book arcs and roll them into one movie which is a tough thing to do. Zach Snyder also did watchmen which is a tough story to tell on the screen but he managed that. This was a little bit more confusing in the sense that we would get little bits of each story as the movie went on in the first act, and then they would start to slowly come together as the movie went on. This mixed with the style of editing they chose made it a little hard to follow if you weren't paying attention to well.
Final thoughts:
They set up the Justice League in a really cool way, and I can't wait for that. Ben Affleck is an amazing Batman and I can't wait for a stand alone Batman Movie Don't go into this movie with your mind made up about anything, sit back and enjoy it and maybe see it a few times, there is a lot to swallow.


The films' plot is basic and thin to the point where you start to wonder if this is a movie or a special effects showcase.
As far as I can tell it's made for fanboys, and people of a certain age. It isn't meant to be anything other than a flash in the pan to entertain some teenagers over one weekend.
Good things about it are the soundtrack and the special effects, nothing else. The acting consists of batman looking permanently constipated, while superman looks like he has been sucking lemons.
Forgettable movie that will be forgotten as soon as the next superhero clone movie comes out.
Is it too much to actually want a movie superhero movie with a plot.

0:50 when little brother wont listen to big brother. Still looking forward to watch justice league in cinema. " The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world: God versus man; day versus night; Son of Krypton versus Bat of Gotham! " ―Lex Luthor [src] Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a 2016 superhero film based on the DC Comics superheroes Batman and Superman. The film is a sequel to Man of Steel. It is the second film in the DC Extended Universe. It was released on March 25, 2016. The film is directed by Zack Snyder and stars Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Diane Lane as Martha Kent, Laurence Fishburne as Perry White, Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth, Holly Hunter as Senator June Finch, Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, Scoot McNairy as Wallace Keefe, Jena Malone as Jenet Klyburn ( Ultimate Edition), Callan Mulvey as Anatoli Knyazev, and Tao Okamoto as Mercy Graves. An R-rated extended cut of the film titled the Ultimate Edition was released on DVD and Blu-Ray on July 16, 2016, and online in Digital HD on June 28. It contains extended and deleted scenes that were not included in the theatrical cut. Synopsis It's been nearly three years since Superman 's colossal battle with Zod devastated the city of Metropolis. The loss of life and collateral damage left many feeling angry and helpless, including crime-fighting billionaire Bruce Wayne. Convinced that Superman is now a threat to humanity, Batman embarks on a personal vendetta to end his reign on Earth, while the conniving Lex Luthor launches his own crusade against the Man of Steel. Plot Bruce witnesses the destruction of the Wayne Financial Building during the Battle of Metropolis. Bruce Wayne arrives in Metropolis in the midst of the Battle between Superman and the Kryptonians. He tries to proceed to the Wayne Financial Building, giving the order via phone for the people inside to evacuate. As he drives his way to the building, he narrowly avoids the debris from the crashing Fortress of Solitude with Superman and Zod inside. He witnesses the Black Zero as Kal-El's Phantom Drive crashes into it and crushes the Black Zero into a singularity. As Superman and General Zod begin to fight, Zod throws Superman into the Wayne Financial Building and Zod's uncontrollable heat vision causes the building to collapse in ruin. Horrified, Bruce makes his way through the debris looking for survivors, finding Wallace Keefe trapped underneath some rubble. He helps rescue him then saves a little girl whose mother perished. While consoling her, he angrily watches Zod and Superman fly down from the sky. 18 months later, two divers in the Indian Ocean discover a large rock that looks similar to the Kryptonian ships at the site of the destroyed World Engine. Upon taking it back to the surface, they split the rock, revealing a glowing, green crystal. Lois Lane travels to war-torn Nairomi in Kenya, seeking an interview with the African warlord in a raging civil war. Lois was accompanied by Jimmy Olsen, a photographer who is revealed to be a CIA operative. The camera he was carrying had a tracking device hidden inside as discovered by a bodyguard, Anatoli Knyazev. Before being shot, he states that Lois knew nothing of either the device or his identity. The warlord then takes Lois as a hostage, threatening to kill her. Superman soon arrives, saving Lois and returning her home. A US Senate committee headed by Senator Finch hears evidence given about Superman saving the life of Lois Lane in Africa. Concerned at how Superman may be seen by the public, due to his constant acts of vigilantism, she sends a public announcement to Superman, inviting him to speak in a committee to defend his actions at the US Capitol in Washington D. C. Returning home to his and Lois' apartment, Clark sees Lois in the bathtub and said he wanted to surprise her by cooking up something. When the subject shifts to the controversy surrounding his actions in Nairomi, Clark makes it clear that he is unconcerned, as Lois could have been killed; also adding that he didn't murder anyone. When Lois questions if whether or not it is possible for him to love her and be Superman, he responds by giving her one of the roses he bought and getting into the bathtub with her despite being fully-clothed; kissing her passionately before his glasses come off. Clark then proceeds to take off his shirt. Meanwhile in Gotham, the vigilante Batman rescues a group of young Asian women from sex trafficker Cesar Santos  by subduing him and then ruthlessly branding him. One of Gotham City Police Department's rookie police officers tried to shoot him but the Dark Knight escaped, leaving Santos with a "bat-brand" on his chest. On the morning news, while cooking, Clark hears Nairomian  Kahina Ziri  being interviewed regarding Superman, and she states that had Superman been in her presence she would ask him how he decides: "which lives count, and which ones do not? ", leaving Clark visibly disturbed. Later that same day, Clark is assigned by Perry to travel to Gotham City and cover the Metropolis vs Gotham football game (being given the headline "Underdog Dreams Dashed - 10 Yards Between Gotham and Glory") when the news reports on  Wallace Keefe vandalizing the Superman Statue by spray-painting the words "False God" in red on the chest before he is arrested. Clark is visibly saddened by this hate crime. Perry, while also quite upset, gives Jenny the headline "End of Love Affair With Man In the Sky? " In Metropolis, billionaire business mogul Lex Luthor, meets with Senator Finch and her subordinate to discuss the radioactive mineral discovered in the Indian Ocean, wishing to manufacture the mineral into a "deterrent" against Superman and other possible known "metahumans". Finch considers this before leaving while Lex gains access to the Kryptonian scout ship and the body of General Zod from her subordinate. Later at Luthor's home, Luthor tries to persuade Senator June Finch to allow him to import the mineral but Finch declines, claiming to see through his facade of good intentions. Angered, Luthor warns Finch of the consequences before she leaves. Back in Gotham, Bruce has been searching for someone known only as the "White Portuguese" which he tells Alfred is bringing in a dirty bomb to Gotham city. Bruce learns that a Russian man named Anatoli Knyazev may have information regarding the "White Portuguese", but even after interrogating 6 people as Batman, he learns nothing. Hence, Bruce Wayne later attends an underground fight club where he meets Knyazev. He and Bruce had a brief conversation, which allowed Bruce to successfully clone Knyazev's phone and discover that Knyazev worked for Lex Luthor. Bruce then expresses his intention to break into Luthor's house as Batman, but Alfred is quick to point out that that would be unnecessary, as Luthor has already invited Bruce to attend a fundraiser event. At Lex Luthor's fundraiser event, Clark is representing the Daily Planet while Bruce aims to infiltrate information regarding the "White Portuguese" and its occupant. Among the event is antiquities dealer Diana Prince. Suspicious about Bruce, Clark approaches him claiming to want an interview in which they discuss Batman's brutal activities in Gotham and the differing perceptions of Superman and his nature to the world with Clark condemning Bruce's alter-ego and Bruce being unapologetic in his opinion of Superman being a threat to humanity. Bruce later leaves to retrieve his collected data from the mainframe of Lex's home but finds it to be stolen by Diana, much to his annoyance. While the rest of the world is busy debating whether Superman has been a positive or negative addition to planet Earth, Clark returns home to  Smallville  to visit  Martha. There, she advises him that either way, he shouldn't be concerned with what others think of him. Bruce and Diana meet again and the two converse about the drive. Diana explains that she borrowed it because she believes Lex Luthor has a photo of her, which she was unable to acquire due to the drive being protected by a military-grade encryption. She gives it back to Bruce, who takes it to the Batcave to decrypt. While decrypting the drive, Bruce falls asleep and has a nightmare of a post-apocalyptic world: the Knightmare, where Superman leads a Regime over the world and Batman leads an Insurgency to stop him. Batman arrives at a meeting point where a truck supposedly carrying Kryptonite arrives. However, Batman is betrayed and a battle ensues, with many of his followers killed by Regime Stormtroopers and Parademons. Batman is eventually captured and is tied up in a room. Superman arrives and kills others tied up with him. Superman unmasks Batman and states that “She was my world... and you took her from me... ”. He then crushes Batman’s chest. As Bruce wakes up, a time traveler from the future arrives and tells Bruce that Lois Lane is ‘the key’. However, he realises he came too soon and instead warns Bruce that he has always been right about Superman and that he should fear him. He ends by saying that he needs to find us. He wakes up from what seemed to be another dream. The drive finishes decrypting just as he wakes up and Bruce learns that the “White Portuguese” is not a man but actually a ship delivering Kryptonite to Lex Luthor. He tells this to Alfred, who assumes that he wants to keep it out of Luthor’s hand. However, Bruce’s true intentions are to use it to kill Superman as Bruce believes that he is too powerful and should he turn evil, he could destroy the world. Alfred pleads with Bruce that Superman is not his enemy, but Bruce ignores this, stating that in the 20 years they’ve been in Gotham, they’ve seen what promises are worth and how many good guys are left and how many stayed that way. Meanwhile, Lois researches into the recovered bullet from the warlord's camp, ascertaining that it is not made by any known manufacturer. She proceeds to query this with General  Calvin Swanwick. Reluctantly, he gives in to her requests to identify the bullet's manufacturer. He reveals that they are a special prototype round, made by  LexCorp Industries. The White Portuguese arrives at Gotham Port, where Knyazev acquires the Kryptonite. Batman intercepts the package in his Batmobile and manages to kill lots of Knyazev’s henchmen. However, before he can get the Kryptonite, Superman shows up and tells Batman that his idea was dead and that he should bury it. Superman lets Batman go, but Batman asks him if he can bleed. After Superman flies away, Batman quietly muses that he will. Batman returns to the Batcave, where he learns from a tracking device he implanted on the truck, that the Kryptonite has been taken to Lexcorp research park. Superman attending the hearing. A heart-broken Superman in the aftermath of the explosion. Despite media speculation to the contrary, Superman arrives to speak and answer at Finch's committee. She points out to him a victim of Superman's actions, Wallace Keefe, who lost his legs in Superman's battle with General Zod. After seeing a distasteful note left for her by Lex Luthor, she stops in mid-speech before a bomb (hidden inside Keefe's wheelchair by Lex Luthor) explodes, killing her and everyone else present, except Superman. Later that night, Lex discovers that Batman has stolen his kryptonite from LexCorp in Metropolis, leaving behind a batarang as a symbol. In Washington D. C., Superman meets Lois at her hotel suite and laments on his failures to stop the bombing and his role as Superman. Lois tries to convince him that he must remain a symbol of hope for the peoples of Earth before he flies away in exile. Using the fingerprints of Zod, Lex enters the Genesis Chamber of the Fortress of Solitude in Heroes Park and learns information on hundreds of thousands of recorded worlds. Bruce Wayne begins physically training in the Batcave to prepare for his fight against Superman while also converting the kryptonite into three gas grenades and a kryptonite-tipped spear. While accessing Lex's data drive, he discovers folders on metahumans, one containing recent surveillance on Diana and a 1918 photograph of her as Wonder Woman in Belgium. Meanwhile, Lex brings the corpse of General Zod to the Genesis Chamber and Kelor warns him of the ban of genetic modification by the Kryptonian Law Council. However, Lex ignores this and combines his blood with Zod as the Genesis Chamber begins to transform the body of Zod. Clark in self-imposed exile. Clark arrives at a snowy mountaintop and imagines his father, Jonathan Kent, building a tomb with stones. Kent recalls his childhood when he remembers one bad rainy season when he and his family spent all-night damming the water to save the farm. Kent remembers that his mother called him a hero and baked him a cake and, while he was eating, the neighbour's farm was wiped out and he could hear the neighbour's horses drowning. He continued that he used to have nightmares about the horses. Clark asks if the nightmares ever stopped, and Jonathan answers when he met Martha Kent, who gave him hope that there is good in the world. Bruce visits the ruins of the Wayne Manor as Alfred tries to dissuade him from combating Superman to no avail. Bruce recalls when his father sat him down next to the Wayne family shield and his father taught him of the first generation of the Wayne family that sold pelts and skins to French traders, citing that they were hunters. Superman giving into Lex's ultimatum. In Smallville, Martha Kent is kidnapped by Anatoli Knyazev and his men and is brought to Gotham. In Gotham, Batman prepares his weapons against Superman and shines the Bat Signal in the stormy sky, as Lex watches from the LexCorp tower from across the bay. Anatoli also kidnaps Lois Lane and delivers her to Lex, who then pushes her off the tower to lure Superman. Superman saves her and puts her down on the ground before flying up to confront Lex Luthor. He then shows Superman photographs of his kidnapped mother, and offers an ultimatum to him: if he does not kill Batman within 30 minutes, then Martha Kent will die by fire. At Heroes Park, the Fortress of Solitude begins to emit electric discharges to the surrounding buildings. Elsewhere, Diana receives an email from Bruce, showing a photograph of her from 1918, questioning her identity and her origins. In the attachment, she uncovers surveillance footage of Barry Allen, Arthur Curry, and video diaries of Silas Stone using a Mother Box to resuscitate his son, Victor Stone. As Lois returns to the Daily Planet, she rides a helicopter straight for the Bat Signal in Gotham in hopes of stopping the fight. Superman and Batman confront each other. In Gotham, Superman meets Batman in his armored Batsuit and tries to explain the situation. However, Batman does not bother to listen as he activates sonar cannons and machine gun turrets against Superman to no visible effect. Superman and Batman then begin to fight, with Batman firing two kryptonite gas grenades at him during the fight and gaining the upper hand. Finally, Batman grabs the weakened Superman and drags him over to his kryptonite spear. However, as Batman is about to kill Superman, Superman pleads with Batman to "save Martha". Believing he is using his mother's name, Batman shouts in rage until Lois arrives and explains that Martha is his mother's name. Shocked, Batman comes to his senses, realizing that Superman is no threat to humanity and his foolishness in fighting him. Superman and Lois explain the situation to Batman, and he promises to rescue Martha Kent while Superman investigates the electric discharges coming from the Fortress of Solitude and confronts Lex. Lois grabs the kryptonite spear and throws it into a pool of water nearby to dispose of it. Batman saving Martha Kent. Alfred tracks Knyazev's phone to a warehouse in Gotham, and Batman flies there via the Batwing. He infiltrates the warehouse, neutralizes all the criminals, kills Anatoli Knyazev and successfully rescues Martha. Meanwhile, Superman finds Lex Luthor at the Genesis Chamber and upon learning Superman has not killed Batman, calls Anatoli. He is surprised when Batman is on the other line instead and realizes Martha is safe. Lex then executes his backup plan: unleashing an ancient Kryptonian deformity known as Doomsday designed to kill Superman. As the monster awakens, it roars at Lex Luthor before reaching out to kill him. However, Superman stops his attack and Doomsday breaks out of the Fortress of Solitude into Heroes Park while Lex stays behind. Superman and Doomsday prepare to fight. Superman promptly confronts Doomsday, and the two battle one another, destroying the Superman Statue in the process. Doomsday's strength surpasses that of Superman, but the Man of Steel holds his own, managing to send the monster flying into a building. Doomsday is then shot at by military helicopters, but his body takes it all, adapting and only becoming more durable. In desperation, Superman tackles Doomsday into space. The US President intends to shoot the alien monster down with a nuclear missile, and it is carried out, despite the protests of Swanwick. Superman defiantly holds Doomsday in place as he sees the missile approach, determined to have the monster destroyed. The resulting explosion is so gigantic, that Batman can clearly see it from Earth's surface. Doomsday 's body lands on the abandoned Stryker's Island, but he is far from dead, as the tremendous explosion seems to have only made the monster stronger, with its body once again regenerating. Batman then attacks it with his Batwing, unleashing an immense amount of firepower, but Doomsday is unscathed and brings the plane down with his heat vision and breath. Before Batman can escape his crashed vehicle, Doomsday corners him and fires a tremendous superheated torrent at him. Wonder Woman arrives, however, just in time to save Batman, deflecting the beams with her indestructible bracelets, which creates a massive wave of energy outwards. In the meantime, Superman is floating in space, with him being extremely weakened by the nuclear missile, rendered thin and undead in appearance. Soon, however, he is exposed to radiation from the yellow sun, which reinvigorates Superman's cells, returning him to full power. He then proceeds to defiantly fly towards Doomsday again, sending the monster flying into a gas tank. Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman get in formation to battle Doomsday. Wonder Woman and Superman then proceed to jointly attack Doomsday in tandem, while Batman tries to expose the monster to Kryptonite, which would exploit its only known vulnerability. Wonder Woman soon manages to cut off the monster's right hand, but that only results in a sharp bony protrusion growing back in its place. In the meantime, Lois is in Gotham, unsuccessfully trying to retrieve the Kryptonite Spear from underwater. Superman is able to hear her drowning, and flies off to rescue her from drowning, helping her retrieve the spear in the process, while Wonder Woman has managed to temporarily restrain Doomsday with her indestructible lasso. Superman sees that the only way to stop Doomsday is to risk his own life. Hence, he says a tender goodbye to Lois with a kiss, before taking hold of the spear and flying back to the battle scene, exposed to the substance himself in the process. Clark's sacrifice. He stabs Doomsday in the chest with the Kryptonite Spear, but since the weapon did not manage to fully pierce the monster, Doomsday is able to stab Superman in return, piercing the latter's chest with his arm bone protrusion. A desperate and mortally wounded Superman uses the leverage to further impale Doomsday with the spear, finally killing the creature, though dying himself in the process. A shocked and saddened Batman promptly arrives, and retrieves Superman's lifeless body, enveloping him in his own cape, shortly before the arrival of a devastated Lois. Superman's Memorial in Hero's Park, Metropolis Superman is given a symbolic funeral with an empty casket in Heroes Park in Metropolis, while the funeral of Clark Kent is held in Smallville, with Father Daniel Leone presiding over it, and with Pete Ross and Lana Lang also being in attendance. An after function is held at Martha's home. Lois is in Clark's bedroom when Martha enters. She gives Lois a letter, revealing to her that Clark had intended to propose to her. Still at the cemetery, Bruce and Diana share a conversation about bringing the other metahumans together, in case a threat of that scale ever should arise, honoring Superman's heroic sacrifice. Diana questions the necessity and inquires why Bruce is proposing it. He replies that it is simply due to a feeling he has that things will inevitably get worse. Bruce and Diana in attendance at Clark's funeral. Clark's coffin is then shown, with the handful of dirt (scattered on it by Lois) beginning to rise into the air, implying that Superman might still be alive. The Ultimate Edition Additions There is a brief shot of the gun being leveled at Martha’s face. During the Black Zero Event, Bruce Wayne witnessed a teacher leading a group of children through the streets. In Nairomi, the man who was shot in the original version is confirmed to be Jimmy Olsen. To clarify the accusation against Superman in Nairomi, it is revealed that before fleeing, Knyazev and his men murder the warlord's men and the villagers, before immolating their corpses with a flamethrower (making it look like they had been killed by Superman's heat vision) and escaped before arriving moments later, and the Man of Steel was framed for the murders. The CIA launched a drone to bomb the compound, but the drone was promptly destroyed by Superman when he arrived. Lois Lane comes to the MCPD where an analyst (played by Jena Malone) studies the bullet for her. It is revealed that Clark Kent first learnt of Batman through going to Gotham to interview Kahina Ziri, where he encountered her neighbor and warned Clark about leaving before dark "unless [Clark] wants to run into him. ", and drew the Bat symbol on a scratch card. In the original version, the newsman depicts that "a Bat brand in prison, essentially means death". Later, the man who was branded by Batman ( Cesar Santos) was murdered in the prison by other inmates (as per the orchestration of Lex Luthor, through Anatoli Knyazev), confirming that Batman was actually sending death sentences, to clarify the motive for Superman's confrontation against Batman. When Lex Luthor visits Wallace Keefe at his home, the latter curses at Lex saying "What the fuck do you want? " Whereas in the original version, he just says "What do you want? " instead. Superman helps the Paramedics in aiding the survivors of the explosion in the Washington D. C. 's Capitol building. Wallace Keefe's wheelchair is revealed to be lead-lined so that Superman couldn't see it during the Capitol Bombing. When Doomsday was released, the GCPD arrived at the Gotham Port warehouse to aid Martha Kent, shortly before the Batwing appears and flies away. Originally, Doomsday leapt at a helicopter and missed, hitting LexCorp Tower, but in this version he rams through the helicopter, destroying it. There was a scene where a Swat team infiltrate the Kryptonian Scout ship to find Lex Luthor being taught about the three Motherboxes by Steppenwolf. When Batman visits Lex Luthor in prison, he tells him that Luthor was to be sent to Arkham Asylum in Gotham. Cast Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman Brandon Spink as young Bruce Wayne Henry Cavill as Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman Amy Adams as Lois Lane Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor Diane Lane as Martha Kent Laurence Fishburne as Perry White Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth Holly Hunter as Senator June Finch Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman Scoot McNairy as Wallace Keefe Callan Mulvey as Anatoli Knyazev Tao Okamoto as Mercy Graves Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne Lauren Cohan as Martha Wayne Hugh Maguire as Jack O'Dwyer Michael Shannon as General Zod Sammi Rotibi as General Amajagh Michael Cassidy as Jimmy Olsen Wunmi Mosaku as Kahina Ziri Dennis North as Senator Barrows Kiff VandenHeuvel as Officer Mazzuccheli Mason Heidger as Officer Mike Rucka Sebastian Sozzi as Cesar Santos Ralph Lister as Emmet Vale Rebecca Buller as Jenny Jurwich Harry Lennix as Secretary of Defense Calvin Swanwick Christina Wren as Carrie Farris Chad Krowchuk as Glen Woodburn Ezra Miller as Barry Allen/Flash Chris Newman as Greg Patrick Leahy as Senator Purrington Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry/Aquaman Joe Morton as Silas Stone Ray Fisher as Victor Stone/Cyborg Coburn Goss as Father Daniel Leone Joseph Cranford as Pete Ross Emily Peterson as Lana Lang Robin Atkin Downes as Doomsday Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent Ripley Sobo as Sage John Seibert as McGraw Greg Violand as General Coller Damon Caro as Joe Chill Anderson Cooper as himself Andrew Sullivan as himself Charlie Rose as himself Vikram Gandhi as himself Neil deGrasse Tyson as himself Brooke Baldwin as herself Jon Stewart as himself Dana Bash as herself Nancy Grace as herself Soledad O'Brien as herself Patrick Wilson as President of the United States Uncredited as Grace Ultimate Edition Jena Malone as Jenet Klyburn Cruz Gonzalez-Cadel as Adriana Unknown characters Richard Cetrone as Fight Club Spectator Deborah Snyder as Woman Carla Gugino as Service Android Dan Amboyer as Drone Pilot TJ Norris as Metropolis Football Player Appearances Locations Earth Europe (map) Belgium (in photograph) Brussel (script) Veld (in photograph) France (photo) Paris (photo) Germany (mentioned) Greece (mentioned) London (script) Hajar (mentioned) India Iran (newspaper) Tehran (newspaper) Kazakhstan Baikonur Cosmodrome Mexico Nairomi Nairomi village Russia (mentioned) Moscow (script) Sahara South America (map) Tonga (video) United States of America Dallas (newspaper photo) Delaware Metropolis Daily Planet Heroes Park Superman Statue LexCorp LexCorp Tower LexCorp Research Park Lex Luthor's Mansion Lois and Clark's Apartment Metropolis Public Library Metropolis University (mentioned) Wayne Financial Building Kansas Smallville Kent Farm Lang Farm (mentioned) Smallville Cemetery Kentucky (mentioned) Los Angeles (script) Louisiana Belle Reve New Jersey Gotham City Ace Chemicals Aragon Theatre Batcave Blackgate Penitentiary Glasshouse Gotham City Museum of Antiquities Stryker's Island Wayne Manor Ohio (video) Central City (video) Washington, D. C. United States Capitol Sol Saturn (toy) Events Assassination of Thomas and Martha Wayne (flashback) Battle of Metropolis (flashback) Massacre in Nairomi Bombing of the United States Capitol Chase of Anatoli Knyazev Knightmare Duel at Gotham Port Rescue of Martha Kent Showdown in Gotham Port Items Aquaman's armor Batsignal Batcomputer Batsuit Utility Belt Batarang Grapple Gun Digital Leach Robin Suit Wonder Woman's armor Bracelets of Submission Lasso of Hestia Wonder Woman's Shield Superman's skinsuit Sword of Athena Flash suit Knightmare Flash Suit Atlanna's trident Kryptonite Kryptonite Spear Mother Box Service Androids CORPORATE LOBBYING SCANDAL Vehicles Batmobile Batwing Black Zero Scout Ships Fortress of Solitude White Portuguese World Engines Sentient Species Amazons Atlanteans Demons (mentioned) Humans Metahumans Kryptonian New Gods Parademons Creatures Bats Dogs Horses Man-Bat Organizations ARGUS (mentioned) Central Intelligence Agency CIA DOD FBI Gotham City Police Department MN 8 HD NSA NASA S. T. A. R. Labs Wayne Enterprises WPA (mentioned) Mentioned Alexander Luthor Sr. Joker Robin Harry Kent Jr. Liz Ritenour Alan Wayne Benjamin Wayne Laura Wayne Charles Wayne Patrick A. Wayne Richard John Grayson Steve Trevor (picture) Charlie (picture) Chief (picture) Sameer (picture) Riddler (shirt and symbol) Alexander the Great Copernicus Mozart Charles Darwin Tyrone Power Kennedy Linda Darnell Martin Luther King Joe Clark Emerald City The Mark of Zorro Excalibur Production Four days before Man of Steel ' s release, it was announced that Zack Snyder, David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan would return to their respective roles—director, screenwriter, and executive producer (albeit in a lesser role than in the previous film), for a Man of Steel sequel. Goyer had previously signed a three-film deal with Warner Bros. for Man of Steel, its sequel, and a Justice League film featuring Superman. The movie was officially announced at the San Diego Comic-Con on July 20, 2013. The film is set for a 2015 release and will feature Superman and Batman meeting for the first time in a cinematic format, with most of the first film's main cast set to return, while a new actor would be chosen to play Batman. Two tentative titles for the new film, Batman vs. Superman or Superman vs. Batman, were suggested by Goyer during the Superman 75th Anniversary Panel at Comic-Con. Filming will start sometime in 2014 in Toronto, Ontario instead of Vancouver. On August 23, 2013, Hollywood Reporter announced that Warner Bros. cast Ben Affleck as Batman. Despite the film being primarily concerned with Superman and Batman, the character of Wonder Woman was confirmed to play an undefined role in some capacity. It was announced on 4 December 2013 that Gal Gadot would portray the character in the film. On January 31, 2014, Actor Jesse Eisenberg has been cast as Lex Luthor and Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons has been cast as Alfred Pennyworth. 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Batman actually looks so good with the coat. Day vs. Knight squeals away. Are we going to get injustice movie or nah. So, to start, a lot of people has issues with Batman killing people in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Honestly, with an older, more jaded Batman like Batfleck, I loved it. I mean, think about it: one of his sons was killed because of Batman's choice not to kill. As a father, I know if I were Batman and lost one of my kids due to not killing a villain, I'd lose my moral compass pretty quick, too. But that was the beauty of Zack Snyder's version of Batman, it was the whole damn point: he has the fever, the rage, that turns good men cruel. So, Batman lost his way. But through his interaction with Superman, Batman re-aligns his moral compass once more. Because despite everything, Superman never used the full extent of his power to take out Batman in a way that would have been effective. He doesn't fly up and laser Batman down. He doesn't use killing force with his full strength at the start of the fight, nor does he immediately take out Batman as he regains his powers when Batman is punching him. Batman chalks this up to Superman's inexperience, or flat out ignores the signs while caught up in his blind distrust of Superman. Over time, Batman finds out that this alien, who he believes can't be nearly as good as his claims to be, and likely doesn't have emotions like humans feel them ( "You were never a god. You were never even a man. "), is really holding back, despite everything Batman is throwing at him. Even when faced with death, that alien is asking his soon to be murderer to save his mother. Not by asking him to save his mother, but with what Superman believes to be his last sentence, he tries to not only reach Batman, by appealing to Batman's drive to save the innocent, but to convey information as to who she is, likely with the assumption Batman knows who he is and could find out who "Martha" is to him, and find her before it's too late. "You're letting them kill Martha. " Note Superman's grimace after this. He is expecting death, he doesn't expect Batman to have any significance to that name, for it to snap him out of his madness. "You're letting them kill" is a way of appealing to Batman's sense of saving people who are innocent, because "they" are going to kill someone, and largely, to Batman, killing is still wrong, unless you're killing to stop repeat killers, or to stop people who are likely going to be repeat killers by them working for the wrong people. Again, this Batman has lost his way, but that's how he views things. "Martha" being Superman's way of expressing who Batman needs to look for. He's assuming Batman knows or could easily find out who Superman really is, and would then run a search on a "Martha" through that database. Then Batman has a frame of reference for who he is trying to save, and can run facial/voice recognition and find her. "Find him. Save Martha. " So, Superman is still expecting death any second, and is rapidly weakening and becoming ill due to the Kryptonite. Not only that, but he has a metal boot at his throat, which is normally not a big deal for Superman, but around Kryptonite he is weakened to our level, so imagine having a huge man pinning you down and holding your throat with an armored boot that's attached to a heavy armored suit. So, while weakening, he likely can't get the name "Lex" out of his jumbled memories, seeing whereas the Kryptonite is affecting him, making him ill. He likely feels like someone who is in the final stages of having a MAJOR illness, like a potentially deadly bout of the flu. He's close to delirium. But even if I'm wrong about the effects the Kryptonite is having on him, he still said at the beginning of the fight that Lex set them both up. So he says "Find him", trying to point Batman in the direction of the person he has already mentioned as being the cause for all of this animosity, and reiterates for Batman to "Save Martha". Superman, as his last act, does what the priest in Man of Steel says: he takes a leap of faith. Superman has done his research into Batman, and likely knows how good he used to be, how he used to not kill. So, Superman trusts Batman's humanity to be somewhere inside, for him to do the right thing, despite the fact that Batman could very well kill him and go home for a cup of tea. Now, for Batman, he doesn't know who "Martha" is to Superman. But Superman knows who he is ("Bruce, please. I was wrong. "), so his assumption is that Superman is trying to appeal to him through his mother's death. He doesn't put the spear down. He wants to know who this alien thinks he is, trying to use his (Batman's) mother's death. "What does that mean? Why did you say that name? " Bruce is shocked, he wants to know what Superman means by using the name Martha. But he doesn't put the spear down, and after flashing back to his parent's death, he quickly regains his anger, yelling "WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME? Martha! Why did you say that name?!? WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME? " Bruce is pissed, and he wants answers before he finishes Superman off. He believes he knows everything, and can't see how wrong he is through his xenophobia. So Lois tells him: "It's his mother's name. " Bruce is in shock. He finally sees how wrong he has been. He sees how his xenophobia has blinded him, and he almost killed someone who truly is innocent of the future crimes Batman is assuming he'll commit, and is likely as good as someone can be. He has let his pain blind him to the goodness in others and in the possibility that bad people can change. He has become like the people he's dedicated his life to trying to stop, and is about to kill an innocent, an act that would make him just like his parent's killer. I've always considered the Martha scene to be a masterclass scene, because the movie doesn't hand feed you everything you need to know. It doesn't spell everything out in the moment that it happens. Zack Snyder expects his audience to be smart, and to have paid attention to everything he's told us this far: Batman has lost one of his sons, Superman has done his research into Batman and the people Batman has directly or indirectly killed (such as the branded inmate), Batman doesn't trust virtually anyone to remain good after his years in Gotham, and Batman is playing into Lex messing with his xenophobia and distrust of the ability for the good to remain so. There's so much subtext behind the scene, and anyone who pays any kind of attention to what's happening in the movie will understand that the infamous "Martha" scene is really the culmination of everything that's happened in the movie thus far.

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